Selling your home with a real estate agent!

   When you are ready to sell your home, you will need to decide if you want to tackle the job yourself, or hire a professional real estate agent.

Personal safety is a consideration. If you list your home with a professional real estate agent, they will know who is showing your home. They will know something about the people and if they are qualified to buy. If you go it alone, you will be tied down to showing just anyone who shows up.

    You are also required to provide a Seller’s Disclosure Notice to comply with Texas laws. Your professional agent will have the proper form for you to complete. 

Market value: Your professional real estate agent will do a Competitive Market Analysis for you to help you decide your asking price. If you try to sell your home above market, it will just sit there, while other agents show your home to verify what a good deal another property may be. Also, some agents will be reluctant to show your home after it has gotten stale, because they think that something must be wrong with it.  

     Buying and Selling a home is the biggest financial decision many people make in their lives. Selling you home with a real estate agent is important to ensure that the transactions proceeds smoothly at a fair price.

     The real professional real estate agent will be able more often to sell your property faster and smoother because they will have access  Multiple Listing Service,  and will be able to provide you with marketing tools such as flyers, market reports,buyer screening. etc. The agent will do the open houses, which will free up your time. 

      Most importantly, the professional will take care of the paperwork that needs to be done when you sell your home. They will write to offer to purchase, any counteroffers or amendments to the offer, and open title. They will walk you step by step through the selling process. 

      Having your property listed on the MLS is the greatest advantage in selling your home. The listing agent will offer to split the commission with any licensed agent that sells your home. Since the Realtors control the buying pool this means your home will in turn be exposed to the maximum potential qualified buyers. Nine out of ten home buyers use a real estate agent in the search process, and over 75% of them use the internet to assist them in finding a listed home.

     Make sure that your listing agent has a good knowledge of the purchase process, responsive to your questions, and knowledge of your area.

     A good agent will have experience and training in several areas that most sellers do not. These include negotiation, understanding and reading contracts, understanding title reports, appraisals, surveys and inspection reports, and are able to help you “stage” your home to help it show better. 

Understanding Commissions

Mark & Kathy Posey: 

"Dawn  was a fabulous Realtor for us. She was helpful and knowledgeable about the current market situation and always kept us abreast of showings and feedback. She was very professional and helpful. We love her and will recommend her and Greystone to our friends. Many thanks for a great job!! "

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