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-By Commander Hugh Falcon-Steward

There are the laws of the horseman

Observe them whenever you can

The horse is the noblest of creatures

The servent and good friend of man

The turn out of horse and of rider

Must never incline to be slack

Let smartness and pride be the motto

No prize will be won with poor tack

Don't stint your good horse in his feeding

Let his food er all the best

Do him well, and you'll never regret it, he'll not frail when it comes to the test

Let your riding be full of enjoyment

And remember this sensible rule

Don't return from you ride in a hurry

But bring in your horse nice and cool if when jumping you have a refusal

Take heed ere you go for your stick;

The fault often lies with the rider

Let jugement be sound and not quick

Whenever you meet provocation

Your temper must never be lost

Your horse may well not understand you

If you fail you will sure count the cost.

If you're stood down the line in the showring

Let resentment not show in your face

The judges decision is final

Accept the result with good grace.

When a long day you're spent in the saddle

And your horse has performed at his best

See everything right in the stable

Ere you seek your own comfort and rest

Now these are the laws of the horseman

Obey as a matter of course

And show you're a sensible rider

With respect and true love of your horse.

I would say those are words to live by.

      I didn't write the above poem.

Though if I had. I would have called it

    " for the love of GREYSTONE ",

My first and only true love, My horse.