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Greystone Real Estate was declared the top small  brokerage firm in Houston by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the country's largest network of independent real estate firms specializing in relocation. In addition to receiving an unparalleled number of awards, the Company was recognized with the Crown of Excellence Award, given to the firm with the most outstanding performance in relocation. No other Houston or Texas brokerage can claim this distinction. Begin a RELO® National Home Search.

Since 1989, Greystone Properties award winning Relocation Department has been specializing in the transfer of individuals, families, and corporate entities relocating within Houston, into Houston or to any other city in the country. We understand how stressful and difficult a relocation move can be. With our unsurpassed expertise and outstanding service we can turn an emotional and trying experience into an exciting and rewarding one. Greystone Properties will be pleased to assist and guide you in your move. For a complimentary Evaluation of your relocation needs, simply call . 832-797-9275

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.Michael Wright said,

"Dawn works really hard to make sure her clients are happy. She ALWAYS makes time, no matter how busy, to show properties and provides her seasoned assessment of the relative worth, as well as the pros and cons given the client's interests. Dawn is not afraid to handle difficult or complicated tasks (such as complicated encroachments) and really cares about her customer's getting what they want.  "  She treated us like family! She put our needs into prospective and told us the truth even when it was difficult or not what we wanted to hear she prepared us for what to expect, so that we went into the purchase with our eyes wide open, she stated she had rather loose the sale than not to have given us a direct and honest view. She treated us with honor and respect. She was the best Buyers Represenative any one could possibly ask for. 

Michael W. Wight Assistant U.S DOA